German Labor Front (DAF) poster

National Community is the expression of the total unity and uniformity of a people …
The path leads directly from the community of common destiny to the Volksgemeinschaft.
The Volksgemeinschaft leads to the achievement-oriented society.
The highest aim of National Socialism is to give shape to this society, an aim shared by all working people.

1941 Poster of Future Nazi Postwar Germany


This poster was published around 1941 in "Durch die weite Welt vol. XIX", part of a book-series for boys. The poster itself was created by two engineers from Munich.

Translation of the title and the introduction:

What new things will the technology of tomorrow bring?

Today still a venturous plan - tomorrow maybe reality

Technology and economy in the Greater German Reich have gone into an unexpected upswing. The largest network of Autobahn highways has been constructed in just a few years, whole new industries were created and great architectural and urbanistic tasks are about to be realized. Although the war, that was forced upon us, makes it necessary to concentrate our economy on the war efforts, the great plans for the buildup are drawn with the certitude of our victory in mind. Many keen inventions and many thoughts that still seem fantastic today will then be realized. The pictures in this poster show on which branches the engineers are working today and what the technology of tomorrow will bring.


The Driving Train

Holzbrenner (wood-burning) Bus


Mail Delivery U-Boat

120 passenger commercial Floatplane

Stratospheric commercial aircraft and a Nazi Hotel

Nazi Ocean liner and Heliport/Railway Combination

Larger view of Heliport/Railway Station Combination